Meeting the societal challenges of today and tomorrow requires new ways of thinking and acting - crossing scientific disciplines, bridging sectors and boundaries.


We need to find new ways of asking questions, tackling problems in an integrated manner and producing transformative knowledge and holistic solutions as well as fostering sustainable innovation in all areas.


Meeting these challenges is our shared responsibility.


Assuming this responsibility is at the heart of our work at SCIENCE LEADS.



We work with national and international partners from academia, policy-making and business. Our focus areas are:

  • Strategy and organisational consulting
  • International cooperation
  • Futures and interdisciplinary thinking and practice
  • Research and policy analysis
  • Science and public policy interaction
  • Research on the impact of policies, innovation and technologies
  • Analysis of the risks and benefits of new technologies on communities
  • Impact and impact measurement in the context of the UN SDGs
  • Social innovation
  • Leadership trainings

We also moderate your research and policy events.