Julia Stamm is a highly gifted and experienced individual with extraordinary leadership qualities and managerial skills as well as a strong sense for vision, strategy and action.





Dr Stamm’s strategic thinking combined with the ability to listen enabled her to implement new strategies and master complex challenges the collaboration between humanities, social sciences and technological research poses. She has proven to be able building bridges between traditional academic fields and other stakeholders fostering truly collaborative approaches. These are only few examples illustrating her extraordinary leadership capabilities.



I have been impressed with Dr Stamm's rigorous working attitude and determination, her ability to think analytically, strategically and politically whilst always being diplomatic, even in a highly political environment.





Dr. Julia Stamm is a first-class professional: efficient but flexible; on-time delivery but also creative; highly bright academically but with excellent managerial skills: highly recommended on all counts.




I have always known Dr Julia Stamm to be very rigorous and highly committed to her professional projects. I highly appreciate her engaging and open-minded personality and admire her great determination as well as her very convincing way to approach and handle difficult issues.




Working with Dr Stamm reveals her capacity to unite scholarly competence and managerial efficiency with personal commitment, reliability and a sense of humour.

I admire her extraordinary managerial and supportive skills, comprising a meticulous sense of detail that leaves no unsolved problems behind, and a forward-looking overview of the process that prepares you for all relevant problems ahead.



Dr Stamm’s success as a leader is characterized by her exceptionally strong interpersonal skills, oral and written communication skills, integrity, attention to detail, high level of motivation, and her creative problem solving abilities.




Heide Hackmann,

Chief Executive Officer,

International Science Council,

Paris, France


Martin Grabert,


Montroix Pty LTD,

Brisbane, Australia




Philippe Keraudren,

Deputy Head of Unit,

European Commission,

Brussels, Belgium



Judith Clifton,

University of Cantabria,

Santander, Spain



Claudia Labisch,

Head, Europe Office,

Leibniz Association,

Brussels, Belgium



Svend Erik Larsen,


Academia Europaea,

London, UK




Joann Halpern,


Hasso Plattner Institute,

New York City, US