Fostering good leadership and skill development, in the scientific realm and beyond

Leaders in academia are key to achieving the missions of their organisations. With academic institutions being more linked and interdependent than ever before, today’s academic leaders and research managers need to develop a complex strategic vision to take their institution to the future. A strategic vision that is at the same time ambitious, feasible, and suited to their institutions and the context in which they operate.


Also, the requirements for researchers are evolving beyond their scientific work. Scientists are increasingly expected to be more visible outside of academia and to communicate and engage with stakeholders and policy makers. This requires developing an entirely new skill set, in addition to the already exceptional skills that researchers have.


SCIENCE LEADS supports you in developing strategies for your organisation. We also equip you with the skills needed for changing science-society and science-policy relations. Please get in touch for your customised training.


Examples of activities

Training "Advocacy for Scientists"


There is an growing recognition of the fact that scientific research involves more than "just" working on one's research projects, publishing papers and attending scientific conferences. Increasingly, researchers have to review their role at the intersections of science, society and policy making. For many, the passion for scientific works goes hand in hand with a sense of responsibility for contributing to a broader discourse. But "going out there" requires acquiring new skills, such as strategic communication and advocacy. This is where our workshops set in.


Examples of partners: German Scholar Organization (GSO)/Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF)

Training "Key Principles of Advocacy"


The interactive advocacy course introduces participants to the key concepts of successful public-interest advocacy. We discuss how to define goals, how to identify relevant players and how to communicate your message. Participants learn about theories of advocacy and apply them through role plays and case studies.


Example of partners: LEAD (

Leadership Workshops for Women in Research and Public Affairs, in Brussels and Berlin


With our partner IM Consult, based in Brussels (, we offer tailor-made high-intensity workshops for women in the academic world (both in research and in research management) and for women (aspiring to have a career) in public affairs.


In highly interactive seminars and workshops, we focus on issues such as self-perception and perception by others, leadership skills and strategies, power relations, team dynamics, career development, etc.


Example of partners: Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin

Workshop on Scientific Writing


How to write papers that meet academic standards but, at the same time, are understood by non-academics and external stakeholders, such as policy makers? This course will tell you how to do it.


Example of partners: Hertie School of Governance, Berlin