Making interdisciplinary research a success

In taking on responsibility for our world and helping our societies change for the better, research and science have an important role to play. To effectively and comprehensively address the complex challenges that our societies are facing, researchers in different fields and disciplines need to work together.


Research that transcends traditional scientific and disciplinary boundaries is harder to do, to publish - and to fund. I help academics, research funders, and science policy makers find out what makes interdisciplinary research collaboration a success. Putting in place the right structures, networks and processes is key to fostering inspiring and productive interdisciplinary research cooperation to address today’s challenges.


Examples of activities

  • Support the preparation and scientific coordination of the first interdisciplinary symposium of the KLASICA network in Taipei, Taiwan: KLASICA is an international research and action alliance with a focus on knowledge, learning and societal change. The Alliance's first international symposium was dedicated to the issue of collective behaviour change toward sustainable futures. As a result of the symposium and based on the case studies that were discussed in Taipei, we developed the "Taipei Framework" which serves as a first step to developing models and narratives for fostering CBC and refining our understanding of how change can be catalyzed and how long-term adaptive processes can be established. See