• Strategy consulting in the area of science policy, science advice to policy, international research cooperation and interdisciplinarity, research management
  • Designing and facilitating international conferences, scientific symposia, workshops, panel discussions, etc.
  • Concept development, monitoring and evaluation of research projects and programmes
  • Devising innovative tools and funding schemes to foster interdisciplinary research
  • Developing internationalisation strategies
  • Coordination and management of international research projects
  • Editing of books, volumes and collections in the areas of science policy, science advice to policy, European and international affairs
  • Teaching and training (science writing with impact, advocacy, leadership, writing EU grant proposal)
  • Consulting on current trends in science policy



  • National and international higher education and research-performing institutions
  • National and international research-funding organisations
  • European and international organisations
  • International research networks
  • Foundations
  • Academies of science
  • Embassies
  • Media
  • Non-profits